Green Aviation Solutions

Green Aviation are experts in providing aviation sustainability solutions and ICAO CORSIA support for airlines, business jet and other aircraft operators and organisations in the aviation supply chain.

Our team includes highly experienced aviation professionals in airline operations, supply chain, cargo, IT, emissions management and compliance, carbon offsetting, biofuels.

We fully understand how aviation works and the sustainability challenges that it faces, not least the requirements for operators to prepare for and comply with the new ICAO CORSIA and EU ETS emissions schemes.

We have proven experience in delivering efficient and effective support and solutions that can improve your sustainability whilst even improving your bottom line.

We are an environmental-purpose organisation and we pledge at huge minimum of 50% of any profits we earn towards supporting a variety of environmental initiatives including our partnership with the non-profit organisation Green Aviation International  who lobby for significantly more innovative and urgent aviation sustainability measures, envisioning a new roadmap, way more ambitious than the  long-established industry “four pillars”.

Wherever in the world you are located and whatever the size and shape of your organisation, we have the experts to help you. Contact us now for an no-obligation discussion of your requirements.


Lean, efficient, safe, secure operations have always been an essential element for a successful company. Now sustainability is becoming increasingly important to help airlines and operators gain an advantage over their competitors as well as it becoming an increasing focus for regulatory compliance. Our services include:

ICAO CORSIA capacity building, project management and independent oversight

ICAO State Action Plan independent reviews

EU ETS Compliance 

Fly-360-Green certification preparation, implementation and advice

Carbon trading and offsetting advice

Sustainability strategy development

Biofuel planning and implementation

IT solutions and process re-design

IEnvA and ISO 14001

Green cargo, logistics and operations

ULD and aircraft cost of weight studies



Effective project management can help to transform your company or resolve specific issues and risks. To be effective you need to utilise proven project managers who ALSO possess the relevant subject matter expertise, not just the theory. Too many project managers focus solely on the project processes instead of delivering successful results.

Our team employ best project practices but also we adapt them to your unique needs. We use project management as a tool to deliver a successful and cost-effective outcome, not to get in the way and add unnecessary complexity and extra costs!

All our projects are broken down to transparent fixed-price deliverables and clearly defined “stage gates” so that you can see progress, what you are paying for and ensure that you retain in control.

We can also provide you with an independent, external  risk assessment of your existing projects, sustainability score, provide trouble-shooting and even direct hands-on intervention if required.



Aviation is an increasingly complex industry with numerous internal and external inter-dependencies and requirements. Increasingly customers and regulators are demanding that airlines and other aircraft operators and their supply chain become environmentally responsible and embark upon a sustainable pathway.

Meanwhile these operators need to somehow survive in a highly competitive marketplace with customers requesting more for less. Regulations pile up and need to be complied with, kerosene prices and the economic situation fluctuate wildly. It’s a tough world for aviation management.

With our direct hands-on working experience at organisations such as IATA and British Airways we are ideally equipped to understand the headwinds affecting our industry. We utilise our considerable operational and project experience to advise you on the appropriate steps to resolve your issues, avoid pitfalls and deliver success.  We can also help you identify opportunities for outsourcing and help you in migrating them.